Gold Guide

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Gold is widely considered as the world’s elegant and luxurious metal. Because of its soft form, it is mixed with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel or zinc. The purity of gold is typically expressed in karats.

  • 9kt gold contains 37.5% pure gold
  • 14kt gold contains 58.5% pre gold
  • 18kt gold contains 75% pure gold
  • 24kt gold contains 99% pure gold

Gold Colors

Color ranges from yellow to rose gold, but white gold is perhaps the most popular color of gold today. They are coated with another white metal called Rhodium, to keep white gold jewelries looking at its best. This is widely used for engagement and wedding rings. Jewelries with more than one gold color are sometimes called two-tone or multi-colored gold.

Metal Stamp

Stamps indicate the metal karat of the jewelry.

  • 9kt – the stamp will normally be 375, 9kt, 9kt or 9K.
  • 14kt – the stamp will normally be 585, 14kt, 14kt or 14K.
  • 18kt – the stamp will normally be 750, 18kt, 18kt or 18K.